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Parents Taking Back Power

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-YOUR Children, YOUR voice-

Parental Rights Advocate

The most important and rewarding job I have is as a father to my 2 elementary school aged kids, both enrolled in public school in TVUSD. I believe our school district has the potential to be an example of excellence in CA, if not for a recent cultural shift to an insular culture of “we know best”. 


Over the last few years, parents have been treated like obstacles instead of partners in their child’s education. I believe my experience in creating a successful business and family-oriented culture that hires union employees gives me a unique perspective on how to approach the issues that affect our employees and families. As a strong advocate for parents' rights, I believe we need to immediately improve the communication from our district to include two-way discussions, instead of the current model of disseminating edicts and proclamations without any discussion or input from parents and teachers alike. 


I value the diversity in culture and thought that our great city offers. As a proud Hispanic man, I reject the philosophy that we live in a systemically racist country. Prioritizing educational needs based on race, gender, or anything other than the individual need of each student only divides us as a community.  


As a school board member, I will work to give parents back the power and move TVUSD into a new era of excellence that represents all families and the heart of this community.


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