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From Danny


I am not a politician. I have no aspirations for higher office. For me this is the hill. I am a father of two amazing kids enrolled at Temecula public schools. I am not an academic. I am a blue-collar guy like most of our community. My education was in career technical study as a commercial diver and advanced diver medic.


In my early career I treated children on the spectrum with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I went on to work at a hospital in Montebello, CA as a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist treating wound care and burn victims. I was a working commercial diver and underwater welder for years traveling the US and the world supporting the offshore oil and gas industry.


I am now president and CEO of an Ironworking company that is signatory with Local 433 of which, I am a proud card holding member. My wife Amanda and I met in Fort Worth, Texas where we lived until 2013. We came to Temecula from Orange County in 2019 and fell in love with this valley and its residents.


In the community, I was blessed to be the cofounder of the Temecula Valley Freedom Alliance, a local outreach group in the valley that promotes community involvement and supports parental rights among other local issues affecting our residents.


Sports kept me out of trouble as a young man and my love of soccer continues to this day as a player and a youth soccer coach. I am a humble man of faith and a constitutional conservative, and I believe the days of electing leaders that don’t represent our community are over. I would be proud to use my life experience and proven success building a culture in a successful business to TVUSD and represent the families like mine that want our kids educated and not indoctrinated.




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